Short Term Mission Trips

The Brook can help your church or group plan a short-term mission trip. Whether you are interested in doing a work project, Bible school, ministry to orphans, or evangelism, we can help plan and coordinate your trip.

The failure of most short-term trips is that the work that is done falls apart once the team leaves. Not true with our trips. We work with existing churches and ministries as we plan your experience, so that when you leave, the follow-up is already in place.

All projects come to us from churches directly, so you can also be assured that the work you are doing is making a real difference.

In addition, the ones who will help you plan your event will also be there to help you execute it. Our planning team lives in Costa Rica and will make sure that the details are taken care of before you arrive.

Be sure to plan ahead. The best project require at least 6 months to a year of planning. Contact us to begin the process.


Read about the mission experiences of other groups in our Short Term Mission Trips Journal.

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