Short Term Mission Trips Journal

Whether you want to work with orphans, participate in evangelism, teach Bible school, or construct church buildings, Costa Rica is a great choice for a family, group or church mission trip. Each trip is arranged with your group skills and abilities in mind. Click here to get started, or read below to see how other groups have made a difference.

Matrix Ministries Trip #3
Another Matrix Ministries Team worked hard this week and brought the Casa de la Cultura youth center nearly to completion. For many, it was their first time doing stucco. Others painted, mixed concrete, and ran wiring.

The group included several young people, who not only impressed me, but the store owner across the street who showed up on their last night to give them gifts. He said how impressed he was by how everyone worked to be a blessing to his community. Awesome.

Great job, Matrix Ministries. We hope to see you again, soon!

Matrix Ministries Trip #2
We just said goodbye to Matrix Ministries Team. They did a fantastic job working on two fronts: Hogar de Vida and the Casa de la Cultura. Not only did they work hard, but they endeared themselves to everyone here. By their attitude and actions, they brought glory to God’s name and joy to everyone they met.

For many of them, it was not only their first mission trip but their first time out of the U.S. Even still, they adapted well to the cultural differences here and never (or, hardly ever) grumbled about all the beans, rice, plantains, and bug bites. Each of them also learned a little Spanish in the process.

Job well done, my friends.

Matrix Ministries Trip #1
The team from Matrix Ministries got busy this week at Hogar de Vida. It was great for us to reconnect with old friends, and great for them to be working at such an amazing place. They all still had that I-can’t-believe-I’m-in-Costa-Rica look on their faces, yet they were ready to get started. I’m blessed to be leading devotions for them each morning.

No matter if they are doing manual labor, or playing games with the kids, or cleaning up, there is nothing quite so rewarding as loving kids that need love. Through no fault of their own, these kids have received the short end of the stick in life, and have experienced more pain than love. When groups like this come down, they are a blessing to the workers and an extension of God’s love for these children as well.

Obviously, the ministry of The Brook is with church pastors. But we help arrange mission opportunities for church groups, families and even individuals. It connects us with great people on both ends, and provides greater exposure for the ministry. If you want to stretch yourself, and experience what God is doing in the world, let me know and we’ll help arrange your mission experience.

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