Pastoral Training

Pastors in Central America are some of the hardest working in ministry. But as you might expect, access to resources and training can be limited. At the core of our ministry model, we are dedicated to providing affordable training to the pastors and leaders of Latin America.

During our signature three-day workshops, we bring the best Spanish-speaking professors and teachers together with a small group of pastors and their spouses for an intensive time of training. We also include time for renewal, believing that if we keep dedicated people in ministry longer, the church benefits.

In order to provide these services, we depend on people like you to help sponsor these events. Small groups or individuals can sponsor a couple for $600 per couple, or just $50 per month.

Is it effective? Absolutely! We received an email from one of our featured speakers after a typical conference. The note was short but very satisfying. Here is an excerpt:

I just wanted to tell you that I got a long note from [a Costa Rican pastor] a while back saying that the conflict resolution principles had helped them avert that difficult situation we prayed for at the conference. So be encouraged — that was a “win” for the kingdom as well as for the ministerial “life” of [this pastoral couple]. (names withheld for privacy reasons)

We invite you to make an eternal difference by investing in a pastoral ministry couple.

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Pastoral Training

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