Donating Assets

Donating Stock

If you have stock that you’ve held for more than a year, you can donate it directly to The Brook and avoid the taxes associate with any capital gain. It is a great way to help the ministry while avoiding the penalty associate with selling the stock yourself. Be sure to talk to your accountant or tax professional first. If you are interested in making this type of donation, contact us and we will assist you with the transfer.

Donating Airline Miles

Our team finds it necessary to fly throughout the Americas from time to time. Donated airline reward miles help reduce the cost associated with this ministry expense. Of course, each airline has their own rules. If you would like to donate miles, contact us and we’ll help you understand the rules for your particular airline.

Other Assets

If you have other assets you would like to donate to support the ministry of The Brook, please contact us and let us know. In many cases, your donation may help you avoid penalties associate with selling an asset. The Brook may be able to liquidate the asset without penalty, thus insuring the maximum good from your donation.

Pastoral Training

Our primary ministry centers of equipping and encouraging pastoral couples in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Learn how we are making a difference.

Church Development

Churches get a passion for reaching the world when they learn how to help their neighbors. See what these churches are doing.

Mission Team Hosting

Families, small groups and churches are choosing Costa Rica for custom mission trips. Safe, affordable, and life-changing.

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